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Pluckley (Screaming Woods, Dering Woods)

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Pluckley (Screaming Woods, Dering Woods)

Beitrag von Markus » Fr 8. Apr 2016, 21:59

Wikipedia (Zitat):Pluckley and Pluckley Thorne are very close clustered neighbourhoods in the Pluckley civil parish in the Ashford district of Kent, England.
Pluckley had an entry in the 1989 Guinness Book of Records for being "the most haunted village in Britain", with 12 different ghosts reported; the category is no longer in use by Guinness.

screamingwoods4.jpg (Zitat):The picturesque rural community of Pluckley in Kent holds the dubious title of Britain’s most haunted village.
With a population of just over 1,000, Pluckley is purportedly home to at least 15 ghosts – making it a top destination for paranormal investigators.
It’s been the subject of many supernatural-themed TV shows ... (Zitat):The Dering Woods, also known as Screaming Woods are situated in Kent. Between the villages of Smarden and Pluckley. They are reputed to be the most haunted woods in Britain and they were given their name because of the many reports of people hearing terrifying screams coming from the forest at night or footsteps and whispers during days of fog. The forest is said to be haunted by the ghosts of the people who get lost in them, in particular the locals mention a suicidal army colonel of the 18th century and a highwayman who was captured by the villagers, pinned to a tree and beheaded. Many from the nearby villages swear to have seen black shadows following them while they were traveling across the forest. The wood is also famous for presenting one of the oldest Neolithic sites in the world.
Die "Screaming Woods" kommen sogar in einer Folge von Top Gear vor (Staffel 5, Episode 4: "24 hours in a Smart Forfour" - ab etwa 40:15):
Video "S01E04 (Pluckley)" von Most Haunted: Midsummer Murders
Video "Episode 34 - Pluckley, Screaming Woods" von Dorset Ghost Investigators
Video "Haunted Village (Pluckley, England – The Black Horse Inn, Elvey Farm, and The Screaming Woods)" von Ghost Hunters International
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